The Role of 3D Printing for the Growth and Progress of Medical Healthcare Technology
Dinesh Bhatia, Editor

3D printing came into existence in the early 1980s as additive manufacturing and, over the years, the technology has grown by leaps and bounds. It gained huge popularity in the 2000s, when its importance came into the limelight and its role was explored to help improve capability of humans. The additive technology is being employed in different fields and affecting different aspects of human lives. In the medical field, 3D-printing was seen as one of the biggest breakthroughs and it slowly became an integral part of mainstream medical practice. This book explores the growth and advancement in 3D printing technology in different areas of healthcare and how it is being employed to help in improving patient care with better quality, customized designs and lower costs thereby providing durability and patient comfort. It will provide insight to budding researchers and students to explore the field further.

Cambridge Scholars Publishing
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