Advances in the Photovoltaic Field through Light Manipulation
Ivana Validžić, Author

Developments in instruments and digitalization have today produced a need for uniformity in science, which has largely eliminated the innovative element of scientific research.The sun's energy can be harnessed for many applications by converting energy from one form to another. The most important of these are generating electricity with photovoltaic cells and heating water. Today, only around 1% of global renewable energy comes from solar technologies. It is hard to believe there is such a powerful source of energy as the sun without us being able to use it more efficiently. This book presents and explains the significance and importance of light spectra and intensity manipulation through innovation for enhanced electricity production by solar devices. This book sincerely believes that we can move forward in providing better use of solar energy by understanding additional light effects caused by the realistic existence of light manipulation.

Cambridge Scholars Publishing
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