Applied Mathematics, Modeling and Computer Simulation : Proceedings of AMMCS 2021
C.-H. Chen

The pervasiveness of computers in every field of science, industry and everyday life has meant that applied mathematics, particularly in relation to modeling and simulation, has become ever more important in recent years. This book presents the proceedings of the 2021 International Conference on Applied Mathematics, Modeling and Computer Simulation (AMMCS 2021), hosted in Wuhan, China, and held as a virtual event from 13 to 14 November 2021. The aim of the conference is to foster the knowledge and understanding of recent advances across the broad fields of applied mathematics, modeling and computer simulation, and it provides an annual platform for scholars and researchers to communicate important recent developments in their areas of specialization to colleagues and other scientists in related disciplines. This year more than 150 participants were able to exchange knowledge and discuss recent developments via the conference. The book contains 115 peer-reviewed papers, selected from more than 250 submissions and ranging from the theoretical and conceptual to the strongly pragmatic and all addressing industrial best practice. Topics covered include mathematical modeling and applications, engineering applications and scientific computations, and the simulation of intelligent systems. Providing an overview of recent development and with a mix of practical experiences and enlightening ideas, the book will be of interest to researchers and practitioners everywhere.

IOS Press
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