Sustainable Waste Management Challenges in Developing Countries
Pariatamby, Agamuthu, IGI Global, Shahul Hamid, Fauziah, Bhatti, Mehran Sanam

As global waste generation increases at a rapid rate, there is a dire need for waste management practices such as collection, disposal, and recycling to protect from environmental pollution. However, developing countries generate two to three times more waste, resort to open dumps more often than developed countries, and are slower to integrate waste management standards. There is a need for studies that examine the waste generation and practices of countries that share similar economic backgrounds as they strive to implement successful waste management techniques. Sustainable Waste Management Challenges in Developing Countries is an essential reference source that discusses the challenges and strategies of waste management practices and the unique waste issues faced by developing countries that prevent them from achieving the goal of integrated waste management. While highlighting topics including e-waste, transboundary movement, and consumption patterns, this book is ideally designed for policymakers, legislators, waste company managers, environmentalists, students, academicians, and municipal planners seeking current research on the global waste management problem.

Engineering Science Reference
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