Emerging Applications of Differential Equations and Game Theory
Sırma Zeynep Alparslan Gök, Duygu Aruğaslan Çinçin

Branches of mathematics and advanced mathematical algorithms can help solve daily problems throughout various fields of applied sciences. Domains like economics, mechanical engineering, and multi-person decision making benefit from the inclusion of mathematics to maximize utility and cooperation across disciplines. There is a need for studies seeking to understand the theories and practice of using differential mathematics to increase efficiency and order in the modern world. Emerging Applications of Differential Equations and Game Theory is a collection of innovative research that examines the recent advancements on interdisciplinary areas of applied mathematics. While highlighting topics such as artificial neuron networks, stochastic optimization, and dynamical systems, this publication is ideally designed for engineers, cryptologists, economists, computer scientists, business managers, mathematicians, mechanics, academicians, researchers, and students.

Engineering Science Reference
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