Handbook of Research on Resource Management for Pollution and Waste Treatment
Augustine Chioma Affam, Ezerie Henry Ezechi

It is necessary to understand the extent of pollution in the environment in terms of the air, water, and soil in order for both humans and animals to live healthier lives. Poor waste treatment or pollution monitoring can lead to massive environmental issues, such as diminishing valuable resources, and cause a significant negative impact on society. Solutions, such as reuse of waste and sustainable waste management, must be explored to prevent these adverse effects. The Handbook of Research on Resource Management for Pollution and Waste Treatment is a collection of innovative research that examines waste and pollution treatment methods that can be adopted at local and international levels and examines appropriate resource management strategies for environmentally related issues. Featuring coverage on a wide range of topics such as soil washing, bioremediation, and runoff handling, this book is ideally designed for environmentalists, engineers, waste management professionals, natural resource regulators, environmental policymakers, scientists, academicians, researchers, and students seeking current research on viable resource management methods for the regeneration of their immediate environment.

Engineering Science Reference
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