The Clinical Medical Librarian's Handbook
Judy C. Stribling

Discovering what characterizes strong clinical medical librarianship and how those characteristics have been and are supporting clinicians in their delivery of evidence-based medicine can help those in this profession evaluate and strengthen their own programs. Perhaps more importantly, learning about and from leaders in clinical medical librarianship can help not only other librarians but also clinicians and other healthcare professionals strategize to ensure that their programs stay abreast of the rapidly changing healthcare field using methods and approaches that recognize the importance of providing biomedical information and adapting to new technology and research requirements.Beginning with a discussion of the birth of the Clinical Medical Librarian (CML) and continuing with chapters that explore current innovative programs conducted by CMLs, The Clinical Medical Librarians Handbook piques reader's interest in this exciting professional field through descriptive scenarios. The book moves quickly through the history of librarians accompanying clinicians on medical wards to the realization of librarians partnering with clinicians in the face of a rapidly changing healthcare scene. Success and challenges are discussed by professional CMLs working in urban academic medical centers.The Clinical Medical Librarians Handbook is intended for any library student, practicing librarian or health administrator interested in understanding the variety of roles medical librarians play in the healthcare system of the United States, how medical librarians interact with clinicians and patients, the power of patient-centered care and technology, the importance of information to public health, novel ways to introduce and teach clinical learners to use resources, how clinical medical librarians learn to do the job and tips for managing clinical medical library programs.

Rowman & Littlefield Publishers
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