ICT and Food Security in Africa
Adebusuyi Isaac Adeniran, Author, Djane Kabran Aristide, Author

This volume provides apt and timely insights into how a globalizing African society could use the array of opportunities that various applications of ICT offer to supply much-needed food sustainability for the people of Africa. Looking at the entire agricultural value chain, the book presents a viable empirical framework for engaging with ICT in processes of food production and distribution, especially for rural low-scale agriculturists. It also depicts how the platform of ICT could play a central role in making the larger continental-goal of sustainable food security a realistic projection. In addition, the text considers how different regional dynamics could either enable or disable the efficient deployment of ICTs in the process of agricultural production in Africa, and highlights the relative progress that has been recorded in some parts of Africa in respect to the use of various ICT platforms in processes of agricultural production and distribution. The book will be particularly useful for students, researchers, teachers and policy makers working in the intersection between technology and food security.

Cambridge Scholars Publishing
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