Field Trials in Oil Palm Breeding : A Manual
Baihaqi Sitepu, Nur D Laksono, Umi Setiawati, Fazrin Nur, Miranti Rahmaningsih, Yassier Anwar, Pujo Widodo, Brian P Forster, Abdul R. Purba

This is a hands-on, practical guide to describe field trials in oil palm breeding. Such trials are essential in almost all breeding programmes to select and verify the real expression of different target traits. In oil palm these include yield, tolerance to pests and diseases, oil quality and adaptability to the environment. Breeding success is dependent upon the genetic resources available and the effectiveness of screening amongst these for the desired traits. Many of these screens can now be carried out in the laboratory, particularly with DNA technologies. However, field trialing remains the'acid test'of commercial performance, with location and statistical design being key. Land preparation and the provision of good quality planting material, usually produced from deliberate cross-pollinations, underly the foundations of these trials. This book covers: Pre-trialing considerations and activities Land preparation Material preparation Trial planting Recording Ganoderma trials Pre-trial screening using DNA diagnostics This is an invaluable manual for oil palm breeders and oil palm institute across the world, and particularly tropical zones. It is also useful for those starting a career in oil palm improvement, those developing breeding programmes, as well as a reference guide for plantation managers and for training purposes.

CAB International
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