Ecopreneurship : Business Practices for a Sustainable Future
Niels Robert Schneider

This research monograph answers the question how sustainability driven entrepreneurs (ecopreneurs) deliver their sustainability goals through their business practices. The research draws on data from 12 case studies set within the food industry. The analysis takes a firm level and a supply chain level perspective and provides insights to the interconnected nature of sustainability goals within and across firms. It provides theoretical propositions that show one approach of how to conduct business in a way that works for the planet and people in addition to shareholders. This presents an alternative understanding of organisational performance that builds the foundation for many avenues of future research into sustainable management. The research combines the remote areas of supply chain management and entrepreneurship at the intersection of sustainability. This novel approach and the insights from the business practice exploration, offer many avenues for further research beyond entrepreneurship and supply chain management. This book will be of interest to academics in management research and also to people with an academic background that work together with sustainability driven and/ or social entrepreneurs, who could benefit from the insights into how sustainability goals are delivered through business practices and the relevant trade-offs faced by ecopreneurs.

De Gruyter
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