Magnetic Oxides and Composites II
Jotania, R.B

Magnetic oxides have highly interesting applications in the fields of permanent magnets, microwave devices, magnetic refrigeration, sensors, catalysis, and the health sector. This book focuses on the synthesis, characterization, and applications of various perovskites, garnets, manganites, carbon-based metal oxide nanocomposites, nanoferrites, and graphene-metal oxide nanocomposites. Keywords: Magnetic Oxides, Permanent Magnets, Microwave Devices, Magnetic Refrigeration, Sensors, Catalysis, Perovskites, Nanoferrites, Manganites, Rare Earth Iron Garnet, Graphene-Metal Oxide Nanocomposites, Carbon Nanomaterials, Mesoporous Materials, Nanocatalysts, Multifunctional Ferrites, Magnetocaloric Effect, Biosynthesis, Photo Catalysis, Antibacterial Activity, High Density Recording Media.

Materials Research Forum LLC
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