Learning a Foreign Language : Understanding the Fundamentals of Linguistics
Alex Poole

This text helps monolinguals achieve their dream of learning another language. Each chapter explains and exemplifies issues inherent in the language learning process that readers need to understand. These include maintaining motivation, dealing with errors, being strategic, and assessing progress. Readers receive advice on the practical steps they can take to make learning more effective and enjoyable. They also gain exposure to the methods and techniques used to research language learning. While doing so, they become aware of child language development, the evolution of language, language's relationship to culture, and other fundamental areas of linguistics. Readers also confront limitations related to age and learn about the necessity of having realistic expectations concerning pronunciation, grammar production, word usage, and cultural knowledge. Questions following the end of every chapter encourage readers to reflect on the information presented and how they can use it. The text's focus on first-time language learners and straightforward style make it accessible for high school students, college language majors, and those independently pursuing a language.

Rowman & Littlefield Publishers
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