Complaining As a Sociocultural Activity : Examining How and Why in Korean Interaction
Kyung-Eun Yoon

This book examines the role of complaining in conversation and online interaction in Korean society. Kyung-Eun Yoon examines patterns of formulating complainability, linguistic resources for complaints, organizational features of complaining discourse, and the ways in which the participants construct social identities and cultural norms through complaining. Yoon analyzes real language use in various contexts, including everyday face-to-face and phone conversations with family members and friends, social media posts, online customer reviews, news articles, and formal complaints posted on the websites of local governments in Korea. The analysis in this book ties together the relationship among language, interaction, and social organization as well as the relationships between participants and sociocultural norms, using Korea as a case study. Scholars of interactional linguistics, Korean language pedagogy, and intercultural studies will find this book particularly useful.

Lexington Books
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