Obstetric Medicine : The Subspecialty at the Intersection of Internal Medicine and Obstetrics
Shital Gandhi, Dan Farine

The subspecialty of Obstetric Medicine sits in a unique intersection of the disciplines of Internal Medicine and Obstetrics. Its focus is in the skilled management of medical problems in pregnancy: from pre-pregnancy optimization to the management of acute and chronic conditions in pregnancy, and in the postpartum period to ensure resolution and safe transition back to the primary care provider. This book will provide novel insights into the management of pregnant women. Clinical pearls will be emphasized, such as illustrating atypical aspects of a presenting symptom/finding, and when a subspecialty referral (or transfer to a high risk centre) must occur for patient safety. This book will combine basic science principles, build on existing guidelines, and provide crucial tips on how to safely manage acute and chronic medical conditions in pregnancy. It is THE book for sub-specialists in Obstetric Medicine.

De Gruyter
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