Impact of Globalization and Advanced Technologies on Online Business Models
Ree C. Ho, Alex Hou Hong Ng, Mustafa Nourallah

Online business has been growing progressively and has become the major business platform within the past two decades. The internet bulldozed the development of new business models and innovations that substantially changed the way businesses run today. This led to a growth of advanced technologies used in online business such as data analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. With higher internet connectivity and the exponential growth of mobile devices, shopping processes and behaviors were significantly affected as people are consistently connected online. Consumers can easily gain helpful product information and retail competitor information in myriad online channels. This led to a profound effect on businesses where they began to invest in new technologies and business practices that aim to align with the effects of globalization. Given the rapid technology advancements, both businesses and customers are presently experiencing an exponential upsurge in the implementation of new business processes and models. Impact of Globalization and Advanced Technologies on Online Business Models explores the ever-changing field of running an online busines and presents the current issues and challenges in online business triggered by global shifts in the online environment and technological changes. The chapters draw from a wide range of technologies used in today's digital marketplace as well as recent development and empirical researches on online consumer behavior. As such, this book aims to contribute new dimensions in managing advancements in online business triggered by global and technology transformation. This book is ideal for executives, managers, IT consultants, practitioners, researchers, academicians, and students interested in globalization and the new technologies affecting online business models.

Business Science Reference
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