Private Sector Investment in Infrastructure : Project Finance, PPP Projects and PPP Frameworks
Jeffrey Delmon

The past five years have raised some serious new challenges, capital surplus, a global pandemic, debt crises, and a global economic crisis. While the responses to these challenges are complex, the fundamentals remain the same. Infrastructure remains a moral and economic imperative, as well as a good investment. However, many governments that would like to increase their infrastructure investment have limited capital, with infrastructure facing stiff competition from alternative uses of public funds. Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) are part of a fundamental, global shift in the role of government – from being the direct provider of public services to becoming the planner, facilitator, contract manager and/or regulator who ensures that local services are available, reliable, meet key quality standards, and are affordable for users and the economy. This rich and practical book, now in its fourth edition, shows how the private sector (through – PPPs) can provide more efficient procurement through cheaper, faster, and better quality; refocus infrastructure services on service delivery, consumer satisfaction and life cycle maintenance; and provide new sources of innovation, technological advances and investment, including through limited recourse debt (i.e., project financing). This book provides a practical guide to PPP in all the following ways and more: how governments can enable, encourage and manage PPP; financing of new and existing infrastructure; designing and implementing PPP contractual structures; and most importantly, how to balance PPP risk allocation in practice. Specific discussion of each infrastructure sector (including local government) is provided. Lawyers and business people, engineers, development specialists, banking and insurance professionals, and academics will all find this book a useful guide for planning, designing and implementing PPP projects and programmes.

Kluwer Law International
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