International Arbitration in the Netherlands : With a Commentary on the NAI and PCA Arbitration Rules
Albert Marsman

International Arbitration in the Netherlands With a Commentary on the NAI and PCA Arbitration Rules Albert Marsman About this book: International Arbitration in the Netherlands is a detailed English-language commentary and analysis on how international arbitrations seated in the Netherlands proceed under the most commonly used sets of arbitration rules. The Netherlands, long known for its encouragement and facilitation of arbitration as a forum for the resolution of international disputes, frequently draws multinational corporations, States, and international organizations from all parts of the world for the conduct of international arbitration. Over the past decades, several of the world's largest international arbitrations have been seated in the Netherlands, including numerous investment arbitrations under the auspices of the Permanent Court of Arbitration (PCA) in The Hague. This book contrasts the conduct of international arbitrations in the Netherlands with that in other jurisdictions. What's in this book: By giving a complete insight into the primary sources of Dutch arbitration law – the Netherlands Arbitration Act of 2015 and its predecessor of 1986, its legislative materials, and published case law – the book includes such invaluable features as the following: 1,400 references to decisions of the Dutch State courts and arbitral tribunals seated in the Netherlands; more than 850 references to the legislative materials; extensive description of distinctions with the arbitration laws of England, France, Switzerland, Sweden, Singapore, as well as the UNCITRAL Model Law. complete commentary on the most recent version of the NAI Arbitration Rules and PCA Arbitration Rules; and extensive description of distinctions between the NAI Arbitration Rules and the PCA Rules, on the one hand, and the ICC Rules 2021 and the UNCITRAL Rules 2013 on the other. How this will help you: The book, focusing on the conduct of international arbitrations, is written by a highly experienced international arbitration counsel with extensive input from the members of the author's firm. Arbitration practitioners, jurists, and academics worldwide are sure to appreciate the book's incomparable scope and attention to detail.

Kluwer Law International
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