Impact of Infodemic on Organizational Performance
Muhammad Waseem Bari, Emilia Alaverdov

COVID-19 is not the only global challenge that the world is facing these days. The infodemic, based on the pandemic (COVID-19), is another serious challenge for the world at this time. Each flare-up is joined with a large volume of data and information; however, this data can be based on deception, gossip, rumors, and more. Misinformation not only impacts the human body negatively but also impacts mental health. The infodemic has an impact on human health and professional performance, but also leaks into business organizations in terms of financial matters, employees'psychological and physical health, employee performance, and the organization's performance. The misinformation regarding health issues can disturb business organizations and affect the employees, organizations'market share and financial matters, future firing and hiring policies of the organizations, and international operations of the companies. Though the COVID-19 pandemic may be over in time, the impact of the relevant infodemic will continue to disrupt business organizations for several years into the future. Impact of Infodemic on Organizational Performance highlights the impact of the infodemic due to the pandemic (COVID-19) in organizations'performance and enhances the understanding of how the infodemic can and has negatively impacted employees as well as organizational performance. This is supplemented by a view of how organizations are tackling the infodemic and how business organizations can recover from the lasting negative impacts. This book highlights essential topics such as social media, knowledge management, business environments, business strategies, employee behavior, and mental health. The target audience includes but is not limited to managers, executives, human resource development, counselors, analysts, business organizations, practitioners, researchers, academicians, and students who are interested in the impacts of the infodemic on businesses and their employees and the relevant strategies to combat the effects.

Business Science Reference
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