Asia’s Energy Revolution : China’s Role and New Opportunities As Markets Transform and Digitalise
Joseph Jacobelli

Asia is home to 60 per cent of the world's population, including the world's two most populous nations, China and India. The region's economic gains and rising middle class are accelerating demand for more consumer goods and a better quality of life. For further economic growth to be realised, the region will need a massive supply of additional energy, three- to five-fold 2020's amount by 2050. These changes create new business and investment opportunities for domestic companies and overseas participants. Asia's energy market, already the world's biggest, will soon be the most advanced. There will be mass adoption of digital technologies, like artificial intelligence, to make the distribution of solar, wind and other clean resources, smarter and more efficient. Led by China, billions of dollars in capital investment will drive the region's shift to green, sustainable energy, replacing polluting and expensive fossil fuels, which will help to rein in climate change. In Asia's Energy Revolution, leading energy markets analyst and practitioner Joseph Jacobelli explains why Asia is the world's most important territory for energy transition, how developments in the region will drive change in the rest of the world as well as how it will all be financed. The book discussion includes: Analysis of past events and forward-looking analysis of the industry in the region encompassing commercial, economic, and financial aspects Appraisal of new energy technologies, such as electric vehicles, and digital solutions, such as blockchain for energy Review of the capital flows and sustainable financing channels needed to fund energy infrastructure and tech growth

De Gruyter
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