Arbitration in Africa : A Practitioner's Guide
Lise Bosman

The Second Edition of this unprecedented volume assembles an updated and expanded country-by-country analysis – both practical and insightful – of how arbitration is conducted in forty-nine African countries, providing essential information about legislative provisions, treaty adherence, and arbitral procedure. Contributors include sought-after African arbitrators, distinguished practitioners, academics and institution-builders, all of whom are active in promoting the use of arbitration as a viable means of dispute resolution in Africa. Five sections representing the main regions of the continent, each with a substantive introductory chapter covering the major trends within that region, offer country overviews addressing issues such as the following: adherence to the key arbitration conventions; modernity of a State's arbitration legislation and its compatibility with the UNCITRAL Model Law; particular features of arbitral practice in that jurisdiction (including responses to the COVID-19 pandemic); access to and (where available) statistics from local and regional arbitral institutions; significant arbitration-related national case law; and enforcement of foreign arbitral awards. A sixth section focuses on treaty-based investor-State arbitration against African States under the ICSID Convention, providing an empirical analysis of the experience and record of African States with investor-State arbitration in the period between 2010 and 2020. Useful tables and graphics of intra-African bilateral investment treaties, a list of ICSID proceedings involving African States, a list of treaty accession by African States, and other tabular features round out the volume. The first edition of this volume was welcomed by arbitration practitioners and legal academics everywhere as an essential guide to an emerging and important area of international arbitration practice. This second edition tracks the significant developments (in treaty accession, reform of arbitration legislation and developing case law) that have taken place over the past decade, and confirms that arbitration as a preferred method of dispute resolution is now firmly entrenched on the African continent.

Kluwer Law International
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