Post-Pandemic Pedagogy : A Paradigm Shift
Joseph M. Valenzano III

Post-Pandemic Pedagogy: A Paradigm Shift discusses how the COVID-19 pandemic radically altered teaching and learning for faculty and students alike. The increased prevalence of video-conferencing software for conducting classes fundamentally changed the way in which we teach and seemingly upended many best practices for good pedagogy in the college classroom. Whether it was the reflection over surveillance software, or the increased mental health demands of the pandemic on teachers and students, or the completely reshaped ways in which classes and co-curricular experiences were delivered, the pandemic year represented an opportunity for one of the largest shifts in our understanding of good pedagogy unlike any experienced in the modern era. This edited collection explores what we thought we knew about a variety of teaching ideas, how the pandemic changed our approach to them, and proposes ways in which some of the adjustments made to accommodate the pandemic will remain for years to come. Scholars of communication, pedagogy, and education will find this book particularly interesting.

Lexington Books
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