Handbook of Research on Innovative Management Using AI in Industry 5.0
Vikas Garg, Richa Goel

There is no industry left where artificial intelligence is not used in some capacity. The application of this technology has already stretched across a multitude of domains including law and policy; it will soon permeate areas beyond anyone's imagination. Technology giants such as Google, Apple, and Facebook are already investing their money, effort, and time toward integrating artificial intelligence. As this technology continues to develop and expand, it is critical for everyone to understand the various applications of artificial intelligence and its full potential. The Handbook of Research on Innovative Management Using AI in Industry 5.0 uncovers new and innovative features of artificial intelligence and how it can help in raising economic efficiency at both micro and macro levels and provides a deeper understanding of the relevant aspects of artificial intelligence impacting efficacy for better output. Covering topics such as consumer behavior, information technology, and personalized banking, it is an ideal resource for researchers, academicians, policymakers, business professionals, companies, and students.

Business Science Reference
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