Precision Agriculture Technologies for Food Security and Sustainability
Sherine M. Abd El-Kader, Basma M. Mohammad El-Basioni

Precision agriculture integrates new technologies with the agronomic experience to intelligently manage the high spatial variability of all agricultural variables and the time scales at which these variables change. The right application of this approach increases the size and quality of the agricultural production; saves resources; improves environmental quality; helps to achieve self-sufficiency, food security, and agricultural sustainability; increases exports; and more. Precision Agriculture Technologies for Food Security and Sustainability is an essential reference source that compiles a comprehensive, multidisciplinary review of current research in the field of precision agriculture. It also discusses cutting-edge tools and models that can help facilitate and improve the systems implementation. Featuring coverage of a wide range of topics including agronomy, public policy, and internet of things, this book is ideally designed for agriculturalists, government officials, economists, environmentalists, academicians, researchers, students, and engineers in the fields of electronics, ICT, and agriculture.

Engineering Science Reference
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