New Techniques for Brand Management in the Healthcare Sector
Ana Pinto Borges, Paula Rodrigues

Irrespective of the legal sphere and type of care (primary, secondary, and continuing), providers must ensure that users receive quality healthcare through the efficient use of resources, responsiveness, affordability, and the equal treatment of patients. Management and marketing have been playing an important role in this sector with the importance of branding growing in the healthcare market. The chance for brand in healthcare is determined by the challenges to increase and improve consumer choice. That's something to which providers and health systems, in general, have not been familiarized. New Techniques for Brand Management in the Healthcare Sector is a critical research publication that explores the diffusion of new marketing knowledge, tendencies, and qualitative and quantitative methods for brand management in the private, public, and social health sectors and examines the movement from healthcare as a priceless commodity to one that can be, and is, commodified. Highlighting topics such as e-health, medical tourism, and brand management, this publication is essential for hospital directors, marketers, advertisers, promotion coordinators, brand managers, product specialists, academicians, healthcare professionals, brand strategists, policymakers, researchers, and students.

Business Science Reference
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