Pedagogies for Pharmacy Curricula
Isabel Vitória Figueiredo, Afonso Miguel Cavaco

While the pharmaceutical industry evolves, the need for curriculum changes inherently follows suit. As healthcare systems have continuously improved through the use of big data and innovative care approaches, practicing pharmacists have also had to adjust and expand their roles. As such, it is imperative that the current and future pharmaceutical workforce is properly trained, taking into account new competencies that are needed to provide exceptional multidisciplinary patient healthcare. Pedagogies for Pharmacy Curricula presents emerging teaching practices and methods for pharmacy curricula and reviews pedagogic methodologies on the scope of pharmaceutical care in pharmacy curricula. The chapters present learning outcomes on general and specific topics, impact of undergraduate interventions on patient outcomes, and comparisons between different teaching pedagogies/models. While highlighting topic areas such as perspectives on learning and teaching, evidence-based practice education, and the relationships between academia and professionals, this book is ideal for health professionals, pharmacists, teachers, schools of pharmacy, medical school faculty, international organizations, clinicians, practitioners, researchers, academicians, and students who are interested in learning about the latest pedagogic methodologies in pharmacy curricula.

Medical Information Science Reference
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