Great Library Events : From Planning to Promotion to Evaluation
Mary Grace Flaherty

Libraries and library staff are constantly in the process of expanding and adapting services in order to remain responsive to their varied user communities. As part of this trend, there is an increasing emphasis on providing a wide variety of programs and events; this service expansion has been met with broad enthusiasm by library users everywhere. Great Library Events: From Planning to Promotion to Evaluation, with its holistic approach to program provision, serves as an indispensable companion for anyone responsible for event or program planning in their organization. The guide moves through a program's lifecycle, beginning with the initial steps of defining an event's scope, ensuring inclusivity, and constructing measurable objectives. It follows with practical considerations such as finding funding, publicizing, assessing outcomes, reporting, and using data to keep the program cycle going. To support each of these steps, and to help ensure successful initiatives, practical examples, templates, and tools are provided throughout. While this book is aimed at library managers and programming staff, it will be helpful for anyone responsible for event or program planning in their organization, whether they are new to the task or seasoned professionals.

Rowman & Littlefield Publishers
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