Research Anthology on Securing Mobile Technologies and Applications
Information Resources Management Association

Mobile technologies have become a staple in society for their accessibility and diverse range of applications that are continually growing and advancing. Users are increasingly using these devices for activities beyond simple communication including gaming and e-commerce and to access confidential information including banking accounts and medical records. While mobile devices are being so widely used and accepted in daily life, and subsequently housing more and more personal data, it is evident that the security of these devices is paramount. As mobile applications now create easy access to personal information, they can incorporate location tracking services, and data collection can happen discreetly behind the scenes. Hence, there needs to be more security and privacy measures enacted to ensure that mobile technologies can be used safely. Advancements in trust and privacy, defensive strategies, and steps for securing the device are important foci as mobile technologies are highly popular and rapidly developing. The Research Anthology on Securing Mobile Technologies and Applications discusses the strategies, methods, and technologies being employed for security amongst mobile devices and applications. This comprehensive book explores the security support that needs to be required on mobile devices to avoid application damage, hacking, security breaches and attacks, or unauthorized accesses to personal data. The chapters cover the latest technologies that are being used such as cryptography, verification systems, security policies and contracts, and general network security procedures along with a look into cybercrime and forensics. This book is essential for software engineers, app developers, computer scientists, security and IT professionals, practitioners, stakeholders, researchers, academicians, and students interested in how mobile technologies and applications are implementing security protocols and tactics amongst devices.

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