Research Anthology on Advancements in Quantum Technology
Information Resources Management Association

Quantum technology has arrived as one of the most important new topics of research, as it is the newest way to create computing power, harness secure communications, and use sensitive measurement methods that surpass the capabilities of modern supercomputers. If successfully developed, quantum computers and technology will be able to perform algorithms at impressively quick rates and solve problems that were previously deemed impossible. This technology will disrupt what is already known about computing and will be able to reach new heights, speeds, and problem-solving capabilities not yet seen. Beyond its inherent benefits comes the fact that quantum technology will create improvements in many everyday gadgets as well, spanning many industries. The Research Anthology on Advancements in Quantum Technology presents the latest discoveries in quantum technology itself along with providing its essential uses, applications, and technologies that will impact computing in modern times and far into the future. Along with this overview comes a look at quantum technology in many different fields such as healthcare, communications, aviation, automotive, forecasting, and more. These industries will be looked at from the perspective of data analytics, pattern matching, cryptography, algorithms, and more. This book is essential for computer scientists, engineers, professionals, researchers, students, and practitioners interested in the latest information on quantum technology.

Engineering Science Reference
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