Ten Studies in Dependency Syntax
Igor Mel'cuk

The monograph presents the Meaning-Text approach applied to the domain of syntax from a typological angle; it deals with several long-standing syntactic problems on the basis of a dependency description.Its content can be presented in five parts + an Introduction:The Introduction explains the architecture of the book and sketches the Meaning-Text linguis-tic model, underlying the subsequent discussion.I. Surface-syntactic relations in the languages of the world, with special studies of subjects and objects.II. Grammatical voice in the dependency framework: the “passive” construction in Chinese.III. The relative clause: a calculus and analysis of possible types; the pseudo-relative (“headless”) clause.IV. Binary conjunctions (such as IF …, THEN …), free indefinite pronouns ([He went] nobody knows where), and syntactic idioms.V. Word order: linearization of dependency structures.The monograph offers a new perspective in syntactic studies. It is strongly typology-oriented (using the data from typologically diverse languages: English, Russian, Chinese, Korean, Basque, Georgian, etc.) and based on a system of rigorous definitions of the notions involved, which ensures a link with computational linguistics and Natural Language Processing

De Gruyter Mouton
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