Statistics for Linguistics with R : A Practical Introduction
Stefan Th. Gries

This is the third, newly revised and extended edition of this successful book (that has already been translated into three languages). Like the previous editions, it is entirely based on the programming language and environment R and is still thoroughly hands-on (with thousands of lines of heavily annotated code for all computations and plots). However, this edition has been updated based on many workshops/bootcamps taught by the author all over the world for the past few years: This edition has been didactically streamlined with regard to its exposition, it adds two new chapters – one on mixed-effects modeling, one on classification and regression trees as well as random forests – plus it features new discussion of curvature, orthogonal and other contrasts, interactions, collinearity, the effects and emmeans packages, autocorrelation/runs, some more bits on programming, writing statistical functions, and simulations, and many practical tips based on 10 years of teaching with these materials.

De Gruyter Mouton
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