Handbook of Research on Reinventing Economies and Organizations Following a Global Health Crisis
Teresa Gomes da Costa, Inês Lisboa, Nuno Miguel Teixeira

Due to the global health crisis, economies had to adapt to combat pandemic situations. In the present pandemic crisis, new legislation, methods, labor approaches, values, and social behaviors have emerged with a huge impact in all organizations. However, countries have applied different solutions, procedures, and rules to deal with crises. Therefore, the impact has been different per country. Organizations need to understand their customers and businesses not only to increase operational efficiency but also to increase stakeholder's satisfaction and their competitiveness in a sustainable way. Customers are becoming more exigent and markets more complex, calling for the need for higher differentiation. This was enhanced in this pandemic situation, and to survive, organizations needed to change and adapt to the new normal. The Handbook of Research on Reinventing Economies and Organizations Following a Global Health Crisis deals with management and economic issues, particularly with the reinvention of businesses and economies due to the pandemic situation and the relevance of entrepreneurship, innovation, and intensive knowledge used to deal with these changes. This book emphasizes the challenges, difficulties, and opportunities for the success of businesses and economies in periods of crisis and provides information for dealing with entrepreneurship and innovation, networks, and complementarities to recover businesses. The chapters also point out possible opportunities, challenges, and risks in the process of recovery highlighting innovation, internationalization, technology, and intensive knowledge in promoting economies and companies'competitiveness. This book is ideal for entrepreneurs, managers, economists, directors, shareholders, researchers, academicians, and students interested in how businesses reinvent and recover following a global health crisis.

Business Science Reference
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