Exploring Language Variation, Diversity and Change
Marinela Burada, Editor, Oana Tatu, Editor, Raluca Sinu, Editor

While communication is becoming increasingly multimodal, verbal language and its use in different communicative situations still hold centre-stage in many research circles. The articles in this book explore native and second languages from three vantage points: syntactic structure, their uses in professional settings, and second/foreign language pedagogy. Using different methods and methodologies, the contributions here draw on both theoretical and empirical data in order to investigate a series of language-internal and language-external factors that both account for the structural peculiarities of Romanian and English, and have a bearing on its translatability and learnability by students of English as a second language. Featuring the hands-on experience of teachers and learners in the Romanian context, this volume provides useful insights and illustrative examples of relevance to theorists and practitioners in language and communication-related fields.

Cambridge Scholars Publishing
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