Achieving Sustainability Using Creativity, Innovation, and Education : A Multidisciplinary Approach
Ziska Fields

In recent years, there has been an increased emphasis placed on the role of creativity and innovation in critical areas such as thinking and problem-solving, self-management, stress tolerance and flexibility, education, sustainability, and the new normal caused by COVID-19. Though creativity is a crucial cognitive skill and innovation is a requirement to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow, these concepts must be thoroughly examined and considered as they are often misunderstood and underestimated. Achieving Sustainability Using Creativity, Innovation, and Education: A Multidisciplinary Approach discusses important issues surrounding human creativity and innovation as well as how education can develop cognitive abilities and skills and be improved to meet future challenges and demands using creativity and innovation. Covering topics such as creative leadership and problem-solving skills, it is ideal for practitioners, academicians, managers, policymakers, consultants, development specialists, researchers, instructors, and students.

Information Science Reference
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