Innovation Management and Growth in Emerging Economies
Heather C. Webb, Wendy Wu, Hussain Al Numairy

Despite its economic impact, understanding what shaped emerging economies'success seems to be a mystery. These complexities are compounded by fast moving technologies, such as the increased usage of artificial intelligence (AI) and the internet of things (IoT). These new technologies have a social impact, but it is how these impacts are developed and managed by people and companies that is significant. Similarly, it is important to investigate how the uncertainties and intangible factors are dealt with and how businesses can utilize innovative approaches to become adaptive in emerging market economies. Research is needed to determine how actors or businesses interact to shape and define either new institutions, new industries, or new innovation to meet the need of potential customers in emerging economies. Innovation Management and Growth in Emerging Economies explores how innovation from emerging economies is being developed through strategic choices and presents the benefits and the drawbacks, the processes, and the characteristics and management practices of both private and/or public organizations. The chapters identify the trends and approaches to innovation development as well as the strategies of adapting and converting threats and challenges into opportunities. The target audience of this book is composed of practitioners, policy influencers, course instructors, professionals, academicians, students, and researchers in the fields of business, administrative sciences, management, and economics.

Business Science Reference
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