Influence of FinTech on Management Transformation
Amira Sghari, Karim Mezghani

Digital financial services are starting to become increasingly popular with consumers, thereby fostering a favorable climate for digital entrepreneurship: mobile payment, Blockchain, etc. Research trying to understand and explain this phenomenon focuses on FinTech. Some scholars regard “FinTech” as financial innovations that upset the market while others view them as startups, based on financial innovations, that have changed the ecosystem. There are many open-ended questions about FinTech's business models, how it relates to blockchain, and whether this is a collaborative relationship between traditional financial players or a competitive relationship. Noting the lack of research work on these themes, this book attempts to shed light on this area to bridge the gap between the discourse of practitioners and the literature. Influence of FinTech on Management Transformation is an innovative reference book that defines FinTech and its ecosystem as well as concepts in relation to management transformations caused by FinTech and shares new theoretical and empirical frameworks, useful experiences, and best practices to deal with new technological changes. The chapters are divided into three interrelated sections: “Insights From the Blockchain Technology”; “Managerial and Cultural Transformations in the Era of FinTech”; and “Empirical Experiences and Applications.” This book is a valuable reference tool for financial planners/advisors, managers, accountants, financial analysts, compliance experts, practitioners, researchers, academicians, and students interested in the influence of FinTech on management transformation.

Business Science Reference
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