Stockholm Arbitration Yearbook 2020
Axel Calissendorff, Patrik Schöldström

Each year, Stockholm is the arbitration seat of choice for numerous parties endeavouring to resolve international disputes. It is the second most used venue for investment disputes, and it is often the venue for disputes arising from the Energy Charter Treaty. This annual publication, launched under the auspices of the Stockholm Centre for Commercial Law, is designed to meet the information needs of arbitration practitioners and parties from all over the world. The present edition provides authoritative chapters, some of them with a Swedish angle, that address current matters of global concern in arbitration, including the following: dispute resolution in the financial sector; emergency arbitration; recent Swedish case law related to arbitration and in particular one seminal case; arbitrator liability; the right to a public hearing in arbitration; and squeeze-out arbitration. The Yearbook provides both perspective and detailed analyses that will be welcomed by arbitration practitioners, counsel, and judges deciding arbitration cases. It will also provide valuable insights for arbitration academics, in-house counsel at multinational companies, and arbitral institutions worldwide.

Kluwer Law International
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