Japanese Design Law and Practice
Christoph Rademacher, Tsukasa Aso

Max Planck Series on Asian Intellectual Property Law Volume 18 Indisputably, Japan is today a major hub of product design, and designs made in Japan play an influential role in the world across a wide range of industries. This is the first and only book in English to provide a detailed overview and discussion of product design protection and practice under Japanese law. In addition to expert analysis of the application of design law by Japanese courts and the Japan Patent Office (including the far-reaching 2020 amendments), the book features seven contributions by Japanese product designers from specific industries who describe the product design process in their industry and its legal ramifications worldwide. With in-depth description and analysis and many detailed explanatory figures and tables, the contributors cover such issues and topics as the following: ownership of design rights; requirements for design protection; application process for design registration; examination procedure; appeals and invalidity trials; design infringement and scope of protection; overlap of design and other intellectual property rights; design protection and competition law; international jurisdiction and governing law; and design rights and commercial transactions. Industry-specific chapters cover the application of design law in furniture, home appliances, cell phones, cars, advertising, product packaging, web design, and typeface design. The book concludes with a chapter highlighting differences in design law in Japan and the European Union. Given that Japanese design experts often note a lack of understanding of Japanese design law and practice by foreign companies, this book will appeal to law firm practitioners and in-house counsel involved in global design right portfolio management and design protection in Japan. It will also appeal to intellectual property scholars and product designers with an interest in Japanese design practice and law.

Kluwer Law International
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