The World of Languages and Literatures: A Contemporary Outlook
Nataša Bakić-Mirić, Editor, Mladen Jakovljević, Editor, Mirjana Lončar-Vujnović, Editor

This book offers contemporary perspectives on different registers of instruction, media language, the effectiveness of a multi-literacies program for introducing English as a Foreign Language, promoting religious tolerance through literature and music, teaching drama, intercultural communication, gender studies and literature studies. By using contemporary research methods, the contributors here offer insights into the ways in which the world of languages and literatures changes and evolves to face the constant challenges resulting from new instructional practices and research investigations, allowing educators, researchers and students alike to keep up with, and stay current in, all areas relating to language and literature. These illuminating essays highlight the dynamic global prism through which contemporary scholars view these issues and surpass any strict set of rules, which would otherwise lead them to ignore the ever-shifting changes in language and literature and the accompanying cultural spaces and realities.

Cambridge Scholars Publishing
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