Creating Inclusive Libraries by Applying Universal Design : A Guide
Carli Spina

As libraries of all types strive to serve diverse communities, Universal Design offers principles and approaches that can be used to create welcoming spaces and services. Applying Universal Design to Create Inclusive Libraries: A LITA Guide offers a thorough and engaging introduction to Universal Design and concrete examples of how these principles can be applied at libraries of all sizes, types, and budgets. This guide covers both Universal Design and Universal Design for Learning and includes real examples of how libraries have used these principles to create more welcoming environments and programming. Featuring a mix of examples, case studies, and checklists, this guide is suitable for those who are new to accessibility and inclusion work. Examples discussed cover a range of types of projects for all budgets, from major renovations to in-house signage design projects. Libraries covered include public libraries, academic libraries, school libraries, and more. It will leave readers confident of steps that they can take at their library to improve inclusion at any price point.

Rowman & Littlefield Publishers
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