Digital Technology Advancements in Knowledge Management
Albert Gyamfi, Idongesit Williams

Knowledge management has always been about the process of creating, sharing, using, and applying knowledge within and between organizations. Before the advent of information systems, knowledge management processes were manual or offline. However, the emergence and eventual evolution of information systems created the possibility for the gradual but slow automation of knowledge management processes. These digital technologies enable data capture, data storage, data mining, data analytics, and data visualization. The value provided by such technologies is enhanced and distributed to organizations as well as customers using the digital technologies that enable interconnectivity. Today, the fine line between the technologies enabling the technology-driven external pressures and data-driven internal organizational pressures is blurred. Therefore, how technologies are combined to facilitate knowledge management processes is becoming less standardized. This results in the question of how the current advancement in digital technologies affects knowledge management processes both within and outside organizations. Digital Technology Advancements in Knowledge Management addresses how various new and emerging digital technologies can support knowledge management processes within organizations or outside organizations. Case studies and practical tips based on research on the emerging possibilities for knowledge management using these technologies is discussed within the chapters of this book. It both builds on the available literature in the field of knowledge management while providing for further research opportunities in this dynamic field. This book highlights topics such as human-robot interaction, big data analytics, software development, keyword extraction, and artificial intelligence and is ideal for technology developers, academics, researchers, managers, practitioners, stakeholders, and students who are interested in the adoption and implementation of new digital technologies for knowledge creation, sharing, aggregation, and storage.

Information Science Reference
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