Integrated Care and Fall Prevention in Active and Healthy Aging
Patrik Eklund

In today's world, healthy aging and a fulfilling lifestyle are important to older members of society, with many opting to remain as independent and mobile as possible for as long as possible. However, elderly individuals tend to have a variety of functional limitations that can increase the likelihood of debilitating falls and injuries. Assessments of functionality are very often only performed following an accident, which implies a hindsight bias because results do not necessarily reflect pre-accidental performance capacities. Furthermore, these belated measures do little to reduce the likelihood of new falls. As such, it is imperative that personalized preventative approaches are taken to prevent falls. Integrated Care and Fall Prevention in Active and Healthy Aging contains state-of-the-art research and practices related to integrated care, fall prevention, and aging throughout areas ranging from medical to social aspects of care, health economy, standards, pathways and information scopes, practices and guidelines, technology, etc. Covering topics such as active care and healthy aging, it is ideal for doctors, gerontologists, nursing home and long-care facility staff, scientists, researchers, students, academicians, and practitioners working in care pathways involving good practices of fall prevention in home care and community care settings.

Medical Information Science Reference
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