Managerial Issues in Digital Transformation of Global Modern Corporations
Thangasamy Esakki

Efficient management of managerial tasks by capable managers is essential in order to grow and remain competitive in today's global business market. On the other hand, digital transformation enables organizations to better compete with their global counterparts. In the process of digital transformation, many firms find it difficult to acquire qualified leadership with adequate knowledge and competence to drive success. Without integrating the dual edges of managerial competence and digital evolution, it is next to impossible for a firm to both survive and grow. Managerial Issues in Digital Transformation of Global Modern Corporations is a critical scholarly publication that examines current challenges in the digital transformation of modern business corporations from a managerial and leadership perspective. Featuring a wide range of topics such as digital transformation, marketing, and global business, this book is ideal for corporate executives, managers, IT specialists, entrepreneurs, business administrators, industry practitioners, academicians, researchers, policymakers, and students from various relevant disciplines that include economics, information and technology, business administration, management science, and commerce.

Business Science Reference
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