Handbook of Research on IoT, Digital Transformation, and the Future of Global Marketing
Hatem El-Gohary, David Edwards, Mohamed Slim Ben Mimoun

The business world today is changing enormously due to many factors that affect every element of the business cycle worldwide. From globalization to recession, in addition to other environmental forces, companies today face numerous challenges that have a great impact on business. Among the factors that are affecting the current way business is conducted are the emergence of marketing tools including the internet, internet of things (IoT), virtual reality, mobile applications, social media, electronic word of mouth (eWoM), artificial intelligence, digital marketing, and more that have a great impact not only on customers but also on companies. It is imperative for businesses to embrace the utilization of these tools in order to expand their customer base and provide unique, successful consumer experiences. The Handbook of Research on IoT, Digital Transformation, and the Future of Global Marketing provides comprehensive coverage of current global marketing trends related to the use of technology. The book links the industry with academia by providing useful insights on how to improve businesses'ability to create and customize customer value and loyalty. Covering topics including e-commerce, mobile marketing, website development, and phygital customer experiences, this book is essential for marketers, brand managers, advertisers, IT consultants and specialists, customer relations officers, managers, practitioners, business owners, marketing and business associations, students, researchers, and academicians interested in incorporating the latest technologies and marketing strategies into their businesses and studies.

Business Science Reference
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