Dancing with Python : Learn to Code with Python and Quantum Computing
Robert S. Sutor

Develop skills in Python and Quantum Computing by implementing exciting algorithms, mathematical functions, classical searching, data analysis, plotting data, machine learning techniques, and quantum circuits.Key FeaturesCreate quantum circuits and algorithms using Qiskit and run them on quantum computing hardware and simulatorsLearn the Pythonic way to write elegant and efficient codeDelve into Python's advanced features, including machine learning, analyzing data, and searchingBook DescriptionDancing with Python helps you learn Python and quantum computing in a practical way. It will help you explore how to work with numbers, strings, collections, iterators, and files.The book goes beyond functions and classes and teaches you to use Python and Qiskit to create gates and circuits for classical and quantum computing. Learn how quantum extends traditional techniques using the Grover Search Algorithm and the code that implements it. Dive into some advanced and widely used applications of Python and revisit strings with more sophisticated tools, such as regular expressions and basic natural language processing (NLP). The final chapters introduce you to data analysis, visualizations, and supervised and unsupervised machine learning.By the end of the book, you will be proficient in programming the latest and most powerful quantum computers, the Pythonic way.What you will learnExplore different quantum gates and build quantum circuits with Qiskit and PythonWrite succinct code the Pythonic way using magic methods, iterators, and generatorsAnalyze data, build basic machine learning models, and plot the resultsSearch for information using the quantum Grover Search AlgorithmOptimize and test your code to run efficientlyWho this book is forThe book will help you get started with coding for Python and Quantum Computing. Basic familiarity with algebra, geometry, trigonometry, and logarithms is required as the book does not cover the detailed mathematics and theory of quantum computing. You can check out the author's Dancing with Qubits book, also published by Packt, for an approachable and comprehensive introduction to quantum computing.

Packt Publishing
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