Global Challenges and Strategic Disruptors in Asian Businesses and Economies
Patricia Ordóñez de Pablos, Miltiadis D. Lytras

Strategic disruptors in companies and economies, including blockchain technology, big data, and artificial intelligence, can contribute to the creation of new business opportunities, jobs, and growth. Research is needed on the impacts of these disruptors in Asia, as well as analyses on new business ecosystems and policy implications. Global Challenges and Strategic Disruptors in Asian Businesses and Economies presents a rich collection of chapters that explore and discuss the state of the art, emerging topics, challenges, and success factors in business, big data, innovation, and technology in Asia. The book explores how the internet of things, big data, and artificial intelligence can provide solutions for global challenges and companies. Including topics on digital economy, strategic management, and information technologies, this book is ideal for managing directors, general managers, corporate heads of firms, politicians, executives, entrepreneurs, academicians, decision makers, policymakers, researchers, and students looking to enhance their understanding and collaboration in business, disruptive innovation, and technology in Asia.

Business Science Reference
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