Disciplinary Literacy As a Support for Culturally and Linguistically Responsive Teaching and Learning
Leslie Haas, Jill T. Tussey

All students deserve inclusive and engaging learning experiences. Opportunities for student growth and environments that honor culture and language are essential in a modern society that promotes inclusivity. Thoughtful disciplinary literacy practices offer embedded opportunities across grade levels and content areas to support inclusive classroom cultures. Therefore, the value of culturally and linguistically responsive pedagogy, supported through literacy experiences, should not be underestimated and should become a priority within K-12 education. Disciplinary Literacy as a Support for Culturally and Linguistically Responsive Teaching and Learning develops a conceptual framework and pedagogical support for disciplinary literacy practices related to culturally and linguistically responsive teaching and learning. It presents a variety of research and practice protocols supporting student success through explored connections between disciplinary literacy and inclusive pedagogical practices. Covering topics such as cultural awareness, racialized text, and gender identity development, this premier reference source is an indispensable resource for pre-service teachers, educators of K-12 and higher education, educational administration, government officials, curriculum directors, literacy professionals, professional development coordinators, teacher preparation programs, libraries, researchers, and academicians.

Information Science Reference
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