Handbook of Research on Tribology in Coatings and Surface Treatment
Amirhossein Pakseresht, Omid Sharifahmadian

Advances are continuously being made in applying the coatings and surface treatments by different techniques to reduce the damages from tribology. Engineers need more detailed information to compare the capability of each coating process in wear resistant and lubrication applications. It is also important to focus on the concepts of tribology in various applications such as the manufacturing process, bio implants, machine elements, and corrosive environments. The need for a comprehensive resource addressing these findings in order to improve wear resistance is unavoidable. The Handbook of Research on Tribology in Coatings and Surface Treatment evaluates the latest advances the fabrication of wear-resistant and lubricant coatings by different techniques and investigates wear-resistant coatings and surface treatments in various applications such as the automobile industry. Covering a wide range of topics such as lubricant coatings and wearable electronic devices, it is ideal for engineers, industry professionals, researchers, academicians, scholars, practitioners, instructors, and students.

Engineering Science Reference
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