Handbook of Research on Cyber Law, Data Protection, and Privacy
Nisha Dhanraj Dewani, Zubair Ahmed Khan, Aarushi Agarwal, Mamta Sharma, Shaharyar Asaf Khan

The advancement of information and communication technology has led to a multi-dimensional impact in the areas of law, regulation, and governance. Many countries have declared data protection a fundamental right and established reforms of data protection law aimed at modernizing the global regulatory framework. Due to these advancements in policy, the legal domain has to face many challenges at a rapid pace making it essential to study and discuss policies and laws that regulate and monitor these activities and anticipate new laws that should be implemented in order to protect users. The Handbook of Research on Cyber Law, Data Protection, and Privacy focuses acutely on the complex relationships of technology and law both in terms of substantive legal responses to legal, social, and ethical issues arising in connection with growing public engagement with technology and the procedural impacts and transformative potential of technology on traditional and emerging forms of dispute resolution. Covering a range of topics such as artificial intelligence, data protection, and social media, this major reference work is ideal for government officials, policymakers, industry professionals, academicians, scholars, researchers, practitioners, instructors, and students.

Information Science Reference
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