Cybersecurity Crisis Management and Lessons Learned From the COVID-19 Pandemic
Ryma Abassi, Aida Ben Chehida Douss

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced organizations and individuals to embrace new practices such as social distancing and remote working. During these unprecedented times, many have increasingly relied on the internet for work, shopping, and healthcare. However, while the world focuses on the health and economic threats posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, cyber criminals are capitalizing on this crisis as the world has become more digitally dependent and vulnerable than ever. Cybersecurity Crisis Management and Lessons Learned From the COVID-19 Pandemic provides cutting-edge research on the best guidelines for preventing, detecting, and responding to cyber threats within educational, business, health, and governmental organizations during the COVID-19 pandemic. It further highlights the importance of focusing on cybersecurity within organizational crisis management. Covering topics such as privacy and healthcare, remote work, and personal health data, this premier reference source is an indispensable resource for startup companies, health and business executives, ICT procurement managers, IT professionals, libraries, students and educators of higher education, entrepreneurs, government officials, social media experts, researchers, and academicians.

Information Science Reference
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