Modern Regulations and Practices for Social and Environmental Accounting
Teresa Eugénio, Graça Azevedo, Ana Fialho

There has been an increased interest in social and environmental issues in recent years as more consideration is given to the idea of sustainability and social accounting. Social accounting can be considered a straightforward manifestation of corporate enforcement to legitimize, explain, and justify the organization's activities or an ethically desirable component of any well-functioning democracy. Social accounting can also include environmental accounting, which is focused on environmental issues. Additional study is required to better understand the relevancy of social and environmental accounting in today's modern business world. Modern Regulations and Practices for Social and Environmental Accounting discusses social and environmental accounting and considers regulations, norms, organizational practices, and the challenges of education. Covering a range of topics such as non-financial reporting and corporate social responsibility, this reference work is ideal for industry professionals, researchers, academicians, managers, practitioners, instructors, and students.

Business Science Reference
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